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Weight loss: Man loses 13st on diet plan after being ‘too big’ to ride rollercoasters


Losing weight can be hard due to there being so many diets on the market as well as it taking commitment and time. Andrew Turner, 47 from Horsham, has just completed an incredible 970 mile bike ride after turning his life around six years ago.

Tipping the scales at 30 stone, Andrew began to get blood pressure issues as well as struggling with lymphedema on his leg.

Although leading a reasonably active life, bad eating habits led the 47-year-old to pile the weight on.

His wife, Natalie, suggested he tried following the Slimming World plan, as it had previously worked for her.

In just one year, Andrew managed to shed an enormous 13 stone on the plan.

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“We queued for over an hour to go on the Vampire rollercoaster, but when we finally got there, I was too big to fit in the seat.

“My daughter was amazing, she said it was ‘ok daddy’ but I could see in her face she really wanted me there, she’s a proper daddy’s girl!

“That was one of the key triggers that got me to do something, and it felt amazing going back to Chessington with her and going on every ride in the park!”

Now after his incredible journey, he has just completed the Deloitte Ride Across Britain Event, which is a 970 mile cycle from Lands End in Cornwall to John O’Groats.

Andrew added: “I am so much happier. Being able to take on things like Ride Across Britain would have never even crossed my mind seven years ago, I’d have struggled to cycle to the local shops!

“I also get to buy normal clothes, not just rely on Jacamo!

“But most of all I get to play with my daughters before they grow up.

“We can go cycling, canoeing, swimming and more, and not be held back by my weight.”

The huge bike ride went well for Andrew, who described it as the “pinnacle” of his lifestyle change.

He went on: “Behind my kids being born, and my wedding day – it’s been the best experience of my life so far!

“I loved pushing myself more than ever, but just the whole experience.”

Andrew was riding to raise money for his local hospice, and he has already raised over £3,000.

He said: “Meeting loads of new people from all walks of life, seeing some amazing scenery and of course getting to raise a good chink of cash for St Catherines.”

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